Register Organization

Before you begin setting up your organization, we suggest you have the following
information available to make the sign up quicker and easier:

Your Organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN).

*Your organization's bank routing and account number.

*Your Social Security Number.

IRS/State Non-Profit Designation form available to upload from your computer. A .pdf Is preferred. If you submit a .jpg or .gif, please insure the quality is readable. Not required for fundraising distributors.

*Credit card you will use to pay the $5 annual fee to ProPay.

We recommend registering using Chrome, Firefox or IE.

PayThankYou does not store any information above marked with an asterisk.

Select Organization Type



You will use this registration process if your organization has its own checking account and your organization has full responsibility for dispensing funds in this account. If funds from your organization are put into a school district account or similar, you will need to have your school district register and add your account. The funds would be distributed to your organization from the school district as they are now.



School districts register here. After registration, the account administrator will set up all activity groups (such as choir, band, sports, StuCo...) that will use PayThankYou for their fundraisers and donation activities. All funds generated will transfer from ProPay into the singular checking account set up during registration. You will dispense funds to your groups in the same manner you do now. Religious organizations and nonprofits would set up the same.



Fundraising companies/distributors register here. You will set up all the schools and groups you work with under your account. All payments made through your groups will deposit into your ProPay account set up during registration. You will transfer money from ProPay to your business checking account. Your reports will show amounts paid to your account for each of your groups.