Supporting Your Fundraisers Should Be Easy. Right?

Of Course!

Easy to Use!

Your fundraising supporters go to, enter your group’s Organization ID, and enter the student or member name (if any) they are supporting. Supporters complete a familiar payment screen. After payment is made, if an order form is used, the supporter's name and items are put on it. Items are delivered as you normally deliver them. For an in hand product, the student or member hands the supporter the product.



Proven Successful!

Successful product fundraising involves personal contact. Sending your supporters, customers to a website to shop for product has been tried over 20 years with less success. We embrace safe personal contact with new technology where supporters get an immediate satisfaction for helping the student or member and their cause.

Communication Is Easy!

Many of our distributors and groups use a flyer in their packets for brochure fundraising. You could personalize it for your needs, print it in black and white or in color. It would be modified for in hand sales such as: candy bar sales, discount cards, coupon books, and similar product! 

If you need advice how to use PayThankYou, contact us and we will be glad to help you with forms, strategy, and ideas.




Reach New Heights of Success!

If you are a large distributor, we can build you a website (contact us for pricing) where customers search for the group they are supporting. The advantage is you can print one form that works for all your groups.

Supporting your fundraisers is easy with PayThankYou.

Increase Sales for School Holiday Shops!

Parents send money to the school via a credit/debit card with PayThankYou. Most distributors/schools use a voucher with the payment. If you run 15 or more shops, we will help you customize a voucher at no cost. Volunteers running the shop will have access to payment reports 24/7.



Sounds great, but how much does this cost?

Just a $5 annual fee no matter how many fundraisers you run!


Yes! I am Ready to Register My Organization
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